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Developing, Delivering and Enabling.

We have successfully delivered programmes throughout the UK.

We have successfully worked with many organisations and governments over the last 8 years delivering critical business change and transformational solutions. We are experts and specialist in business and transformational change and offer a range of business solutions tailored to your organisational and individual needs.

Think Sapphire Consultancy

Developing, Delivering and Enabling


Innovative Digital Strategy

Our Digital Strategy experts cultivate skill and flair, combining brand experience with conversion rates. They assist you in defining your overall digital strategy and orchestrate the most cutting-edge innovative digital systems.


Business Change and Transformation

There are many reasons a business might consider a transformation, for instance, new technologies, shifts within the market, low profit and turnover, or a merger and acquisition.


Architecture Transformation

Transformation Architecture is frequently used by consultants, facilitators, internal transformation teams and business advisors. You might be a one-man-consulting company, Partner in a leading consulting firm, internal facilitator or trainer.


Agile and Dev Ops

Agile and DevOps seek to bring the end-user value, in a more efficient way — but from different angles. Agile focuses on making developers and development cycles more efficient, while DevOps brings the operations team into play to enable continuous integration and continuous delivery.


Technology Change

Technological changes affect the way we work, travel, communicate and play. Current digital systems such as computers, smartphones, tablets and laptops have evolved. The availability of the Internet provides us with ready access to information anytime, anywhere. We can consider the impact of these technological changes with the way this might have been solved in the past.


Culture Change

For organisations seeking to become more adaptive and innovative, culture change is often the most challenging part of the transformation. Innovation demands new behaviors from leaders and employees that are often antithetical to corporate cultures, which are historically focused on operational excellence and efficiency.


High Impact Training

For high impact training, original business coaching and strategic consultancy, Think Sapphire Consultancy is the place to come. We offer a range of training and strategy modules, workshops and a comprehensive business growth package all designed to help your business grow.